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group of military personnel volunteering as a group and posing behind large child-like blocks spelling "RMHC"

Group Volunteers

Bring your family and friends out for a day of service with RMHC CTX

When a group of volunteers comes together to help at RMHC CTX, they make a big impact. Whether it’s preparing a meal, deep cleaning our House or helping out with a specific task, their efforts, small and large, support every family that relies on RMHC CTX. Here are a few ways you and your friends, coworkers or family can help.

Family Meal Program

After a long day at the hospital, there’s nothing more appreciated than having a meal. Gather friends, family, co-workers to provide a comforting meal for our families. View our Family Meal Program opportunities here.

Host a Wish List Drive

We are in constant need of supplies for the families that stay at our House and visit our Family Rooms. Small comforts like individually wrapped snacks, juice boxes, travel size toiletries make a difference when a family is traveling back and forth to the hospital. View our Wish List which shows our most needed items and host a Wish List drive in your office.

Stock the Family Room Pantry

You stock the pantry in one of our Family Rooms by providing snacks and drinks that comfort our families. We do have limited storage space so please contact Paula Duke, our Volunteer Services Director, at pduke@rmhc-ctx.org for more details.

Deep Clean the Ronald McDonald House


As a Deep Cleaning Volunteer, you’ll help us keep the Ronald McDonald House tidy and healthy for our families. We provide all of the cleaning supplies. To become a deep cleaning volunteer group, volunteers must follow these guidelines:

  • All volunteer groups must be adults (companies, adult service organization)
  • Cleaning must be done Monday – Friday between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. (Weekdays only)
  • Groups should be no more than 20 people

RMHC CTX has special tasks that require the support of group volunteers. This can include building shelves, organizing storage rooms and landscaping clean up. If you and your organization have an idea of a special task you want to complete or want more information, please contact our Volunteer Services Director at pduke@rmhc-ctx.org.