Candi Seaback and her son Jacob

Finding Calm

It was an incredibly traumatic experience for Candi Seaback when she received a call in the middle of the night that her son, 20-year-old Jacob was in a car accident. Her mind began racing and she went into complete overload and high stress as she focused on her son who was being transported to College Station Medical Center. Having been familiar with the sights, sounds and smells of a hospital after working in the industry for many years, it all came back to Candi when she arrived at The Med.
To find calm amidst the stress, Candi was able to find comfort at the new Ronald McDonald Family Room at The Med. She had known about the new space but she didn’t really know how the Family Room supported families until she walked through the door. And although she was still inside the hospital, moments away from her son, she immediately felt like she was transported to a completely different place when she walked into the room. She said “it felt like I walked into a home,”
While Jacob was hospitalized, Candi used the Family Room for four days where she was able to take a shower, rest and just be calm which helped her stay strong for her son. Stepping away from the overstimulated hospital environment and finding refuge in the space allowed her to shut down her thoughts so she could gain her mental strength.
“It was a complete blessing to have the Family Room,” said Candi. “More than anything, it was a calming space that helped me stay strong for myself, my family and my son.”