young boy donating money to change donation box at mcdonalds restaurant

Share the Love at your Central Texas McDonald’s!

When David was born, his parents used one of the first Ronald McDonald Houses in Austin, 30 years ago. Now a Dad himself, David’s family was able to stay close to his newborn baby Harper while she grew stronger at Dell Children’s Medical Center. Big brother Riker, age 4, was so impacted by his time at the Ronald McDonald House, that he now donates a portion of his allowance to the change boxes at their local McDonald’s in Georgetown.
“When Riker earns money, it is divided into 3 categories: spend, save, and give. We’ve talked to him about various organizations and charities that he can give to, and without hesitation he chose the Ronald McDonald House. Our entire family was so impacted by the love and care we received during our stay at the Ronald McDonald House that Riker wanted to spend that third of his money to make sure other people are able to receive the same care. It was so sweet. We were talking to him about different places he could give to and we said “or you could give it to the Ronald McDonald House—remember we stayed there when sister was in the hospital?” And he shouted “OH YES! Mom we have to give my money to them!”
Donate at your Central Texas McDonald’s to Share the Love February 1-14.