Young girl holds her sleeping baby brother in her arms and sits in the lap of the Ronald McDonald statue.

Growing Circle of Support

“I always told my daughter, if you need me, I will be there,” says Benjamin LaSalle. “You take care of two things in life…yourself and your family.” It was March...
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Family of two young girls and young male putting a puzzle together at a table

A True Blessing

By Donna Rodriguez Three surgeries. Hundreds of miles away from home.  Family of six. No place to call home. Financial problems. Stress from all directions.  I would have lost my...
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Mother smiling down at her tiny baby with breathing tube in her nose inside a hospital room

The generosity of a mother benefits her own daughter

Trenton’s mom, Katie: Our son, Trenton, was born very early, at 24 weeks. His twin sister – born four days earlier – did not survive, so those were both sad...
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