Fundraisers in the Community

Our community supports RMHC CTX through personal fundraising

We are grateful to our community who generously host events that benefit the thousands of families with hospitalized children that we care for every year. We encourage you to attend and have some fun all while supporting our families!

Newspaper Sales in McDonald’s – Ongoing
A portion of all proceeds from the sale of newspapers in local McDonald’s restaurants comes to RMHC Central Texas.

Donation Boxes in McDonald’s – Ongoing
When you put your spare change in the donation boxes at any local McDonald’s restaurant that money directly supports the families with hospitalized children that rely on RMHC CTX.

Randall’s Good Neighbor Program  — When you shop at Randall’s, link RMHC CTX Good Neighbor number 5979 to your Remarkable Card, and 1% of all your purchases will be donated to RMHC CTX. Every contributions adds up and makes a meaningful difference to our families.

Thank you to our generous community for supporting RMHC CTX by hosting these upcoming events:

Waterloo Disc Golf Tournament
October, 2018

Bryan Broadcasting Cares for Kids Radiothon
Thursday, November 1-2, 2018 | 6 AM – 6 PM



Providing comfort and support to families with sick children