Collage of three photos: Mom and Dad holding loving holding their baby who is drinking out of a bottle, Baby in NICU hospital bed attached to wires and looking incredibly small, and finally the same baby older, healthier and smiling while sitting up on his own.

Keeping Families Close While Children Get Stronger

After arriving home from visiting family in Kentucky, Amy Gerber’s water broke unexpectedly at 29 weeks. Amy was immediately taken to St. David’s North Austin Medical Center where she was admitted in hopes of stemming the contractions.

Amy’s daughter, Alexis Kathryn Black, arrived two days later and weighed only 2 pounds and 10 ounces. For her first 74 days of life, Alexis was in the NICU growing healthier and getting stronger.

During those 10 grueling weeks while Alexis was in the NICU, Amy relied on the Ronald McDonald Family Room at St. David’s North Austin Medical Center as a calming space and support system. Between working full-time and visiting her daughter, Amy found refuge in the Family Room while still being close to her baby.

“It would have been much more of a physical and mental struggle to deal with the harsh realities of having your newborn child hospitalized for months without the comforts of the Ronald McDonald Family Room,” said Amy. “RMHC CTX does a phenomenal job in lovingly caring for families, such as mine, so we could focus on the ultimate goal of bringing home a healthy child.”

Although Amy’s employer always supported RMHC CTX in the past by donating auction items for fundraising events, Amy never imagined she should would one day rely on the services of RMHC CTX.

Alexis is now a 15-month-old happy and healthy baby and to give back, Amy stays involved with RMHC CTX by serving as Friends of the House Social Co-Chair, where she is gearing up for the organization’s big House Party fundraiser in June. Amy has a true passion and commitment for the organization and she hopes the funds raised from House Party 2015 will help a family in need, just like hers.

To help more families in need like Amy’s, join Friends of the House at House Party on June 6 at PGi Studios to support families served by RMHC CTX. Learn more about House Party here.